Race Report – Maxi Race – Lake Annecy – 2014

Distance: 53 miles Height gain: ~2600m Participants: ~2300 Food: 4 pieces of spiced orange bio cake, baked beans, peanut butter sandwitch, 2 little potatoes. Drink: Water and two gel ISO sachets Position: DNF at Doussards, ~27 miles (half way point) Time: 7 hours Despite the DNF, this is posably one of my most happy runs, I couldn’t (or didn’t) share my enthusiasm as with only 10 people from the UK I assumed no one would understand me (or want to listen) about how awesome if feltRead more

Race report – Paris Marathon

Seriously, there are more toilets available at the Bournemouth Bay half marathon than the Paris Marathon. One per 30min pace pen for those interested – so 6 then. I wasn’t going to but three days since the event and I’ve decided to write a little about it. Only a couple photos I’m afraid as the first half I was running too fast and the second half I felt f****[tired] and couldn’t be bothered. Still, some good comedy and experiences cameRead more

Race report – Chamonix Mont Blanc 80k

This is a race report (mainly photos) for the Mont Blanc 80k ultra marathon. It was awesome, in every respect (except for one, which I will come on to). Epic is an over used word, however It truly was exceptional scenery with some stunning running weather. It was epic. My hips, joints and tendons are battered due to a very gruelling 15hrs spent running walking, falling and cursing! Forget the 50 miles, forget even the +6000 meters of 5 mountainsRead more

(race cancelled) – Maxi Race – Lake Annecy, France

So this is not a blog about the Maxi race (53 miles +5300m), unfortunately that was cancelled due to bad weather and snow fall from about 1000m (we were due to hit a few 1600m peaks).  A real shame, it looked like it could have been an amazing race..  A little video posted by world class Anna Frost is here of the conditions at low level.  http://youtu.be/xd8ETmZDIyI The first few photos are The Maxi race expo, the rest a snowy runRead more

Chamonix Mont Blanc Marathon 2012

Running is becoming such a part of my life now that the weirdest thing about running the Chamonix Mont Blanc 10k (Saturday) and marathon (Sunday) was that I had flown from london only on the friday night and had work on Monday morning! It felt odd whilst running through the misty forests that tomorrow i’d be sat at my desk typing out some Excel document or Powerpoint presentation! Running over 2600meters of climb and 6+27.3 miles seemed by contrast quiteRead more

Le Marmotte – (cycling race)

What’s the natural thing to do when you have a weekend free in-between two of Europe’s hardest marathons? Why not book into a 108mile bike race with 5000meters of climb? Sensible? No! In perspective, 5000m is the height of Mont Blanc from sea to summit with change left over! Le Marmotte is A legendary cyclosportive race over 174 km and with a 5 000 m height gain. Departure from Bourg-d’Oisans (717 m), arrival at Alpe-d’Huez (1 880 m). Riding overRead more

Chamonix mont blanc marathon

For the past three years Chamonix has been on my running calendar, arguably Europe’s hardest mountain marathon, mainly due to the 2600meter climb, rocky, tree root trail that must be navigated to avoid turning a perfectly good set of running clothes red. Untrue to it’s title, you do you not run up mont blanc, in fact you start in town and run away from it, I think perhaps the la tour / flegere/ planpraz marathon would not attract 1818 runnersRead more

Race Report – Rome Marathon

2009 – Rome Places: 11,006 Position: 9,138 Time: 4 hr 48 A very special race for Kelly and I for a number of reasons. Significantly this was Kellys first Marathon, one we had trained for during the UK winter when we had a lot of snow fall in London. Training was tough and were we living in Covent Garden where it was easy to indulge on nightlife rather than running! Never the less, a peaput butter sandwich and energy drinkRead more

Race report – Aigle-Leysin half marathon (2010)

2010 – Aigle – Leysin Half Marathon Places: 144 Position: 83 Time: 3:06:56 2 hours away along lake Geneva from its airport is the town of Aigle (the race start point).  Aigle is on the main line service from Geneva that takes passengers through Lausanne and Montreaux and eventually past Aigle to Brig – a main connection station to Zermatt and other areas of the Alps.  Leysin (the race finish) is accessed via a fun cog train that runs upRead more

Race report – Davos Marathon (2009)

2009 – Davos Marathon Places: 990 Position: 496 Time: 5hrs:45:47 It was on this race I would make friends with a bunch of runners from the Serpentine running club. They were staying in the same dorm as me at the YHA hostel in Davos. A great bunch of guys who do many races throughout Europe, one of thier runners was running his 100th race this day and I went with them to the party. For the past 24 years DavosRead more

Race Report – Marathon de Mont Blanc 2009

2009 – Mont-Blanc Chamonix Marathon Places: 1,415 Position: 859 Time: 7hr:01.09 Performance wise you might think I had the worst race so far, far from the truth, in fact it was one of the best races I have ever done. Given the winner did not show up until 4hrs:03:00 this was a seriously mountain race. Total of 2511meters of vertical ascent (1300decent), makes it one of the toughest in europe. The photo directly below is the picture from Vallorcine, fromRead more

Race report – Stockholm Marathon

2006 – 26th Stockholm Marathon Places: 12,200 Position: 2,931 Time: 3hr:49:25 The Stockholm Marathon is a fantastic event finishing in the classical 1912 Olympic Stadium. I was lucky enough to have my friends Matt, Laura, Arun, and Anj as well and Dad and Joan come along on the holiday. The course was two loops of a half marathon course around the city, as a result you go through no boring sections of the city outskirts, on the downside, crossing theRead more

Race Report – Paris Marathon (2004)

2004 Paris Marathon Places: 29,700 Position: 28,072 Time: 5hr:07.44 I signed up to the Paris marathon due to the decline in health of my step-dad who was been cared for by the Exeter cancer hospice. It was a charity run with my friend from work Keith. As my first marathon I had no idea what to expect and seeing 29 thousand runners all heading to one location was weird, exciting, scary and a little nerve racking! Standing in line needingRead more